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A Message from the Mayor


Dear Friends,

Whether it's navigating neighborhood streets with family and friends or catching a breeze along the lakefront on the way to work, more Chicagoans are discovering the benefits of biking. It's a fast, fun, healthy, and affordable way to get around the city. In addition to providing a convenient alternative to driving, cycling reduces traffic congestion, promotes a cleaner environment, creates healthier communities, and improves the quality of life in our neighborhoods. That's why, with your help, we can and will make Chicago the most bike-friendly city in the country.

To help promote a culture of biking in Chicago, we’ve prepared this easy-to-read map that identifies the city’s best bike routes. We hope it will assist you in planning your safest trip, guiding you along the lake, down our streets, and through our parks. Enjoy taking advantage of Chicago’s numerous options for cyclists, and keep your eye out for improvements and expansions in the years to come.

One of my top priorities as mayor is to create a bike network that allows every Chicagoan—from kids on their first ride to senior citizens on their way to the grocery store—to feel safe on our streets. To achieve that goal, I am committed to strengthening our network of bike routes, both by increasing the number of miles added each year and prioritizing the creation of protected bike lanes.

When you hop on your bike this year, please remember to bike responsibly, with care for yourself and fellow Chicagoans. And don’t hesitate to contact us with suggestions on how to improve cycling conditions. Let’s work together to make Chicago a safer place to ride.

Have fun!

Rahm Emanuel

This map is updated and reprinted on a regular basis. An online version of this map is also available on our website. Suggestions to improve the map and accompanying information are welcome!
You can contact us and view the online map at