Biking on Streets

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Obey all traffic regulations.
Riding predictably and following the law are the keys to safe bicycling on Chicago streets. Knowing and following the rules helps all road users properly anticipate and react to each other.

Ride in a straight line.
Avoid weaving between parked cars. Ride in a straight line at least 4 feet away from parked cars to avoid the "Door Zone" (see below).


Don't ride on the sidewalk.
Chicago law prohibits biking on a sidewalk if you are 12 years old or older, unless it is marked as a bike route..

Never ride against traffic.
Riding against traffic is dangerous and illegal. Motorists and pedestrians are not looking for cyclists riding the wrong way down a street.

When necessary, use entire travel lane.
Move toward center when the lane is too narrow for motorists to pass safely or when you are moving at the same speed as traffic.

To cross an intersection, use the lane farthest to the right that points to where you are going.
Follow lane markings to cross an intersection. If you can't change lanes to turn left, ride across the street to the other side and align your bike with traffic.

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