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  • 5’ to 6’ wide section on each side of the street reserved for
    bicycle use.
  • Usually established on streets with lots of traffic.
  • Special pavement markings and signs identify the lanes.
  • Cars and bicycles share the street.
  • Usually established on streets with lots of traffic that are
    too narrow for bike lanes.
  • Special pavement markings direct bicyclists to ride outside
    the "Door Zone" (see "Door Zone" panel). Markings and signs also
    encourage cars to share the lane with bicyclists.

  • Cars and bicycles share the lane.
  • Many bike routes have signs showing the direction and distance
    to the destinations (e.g. the Loop, the lakefront).
  • Bike routes are usually on streets that aren't wide enough for
    bike lanes but are good streets for biking.
Multiuse trail
  • Paved paths separated from the road for bicyclists, walkers,
    runners, and in-line skaters (such as the Lakefront Trail).

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