The Burnham Plan CentennialThe Plan of Chicago A Regional Legacy
An illustration of Michigan Avenue from the plan, plate 112 and another showing the lakefront at twilight, plate 127

Guérin’s memorable renderings showed the remade city bustling at noonday (Michigan Avenue, left) or relaxing at summer twilight (right). The Plan’s drawings were exhibited around the world as illustrations of the new science of city planning.

Promoting the Vision

A 1922 cartoon about public improvements

Disruptive street widenings were particularly contentious, but the city’s overall growth and prosperity usually provided the benefits promised by boosters. This 1922 cartoon appeared in the Chicago Tribune.

A photograph showing the rally at Garrick Theater and an illustration showing the widened Roosevelt Road

A 1919 rally at the Garrick Theater (left) encouraged voters to approve various bond issues for Plan improvements such as the widening of Roosevelt Road (right).

A magic lantern slide showing the Plan of Chicago Improvements

This summary of central area projects was shown in magic lantern slide presentations and reproduced in such magazines as National Geographic.